A Proper Racing Flat Coming From Altra

Earlier this year I was in the market for a new pair of zero-drop racing flats to replace my last pair of aging and very thoroughly worn Inov-8 Road X-treme 138s. I searched the net high and low and didn't find very much so I turned to Twitter… Continue reading →

Race Report: Comrades 2017 - An Up-run

Start of Comrades 2017 With just short of 2600km of dedicated training and racing over six months in my legs, I embarked upon the final test of all my training, and the ultimate purpose of it all: the Comrades Marathon, and what a fantastic race and event it was. Continue reading →

New 300m World Record

Keep your eyes on this chappy, Wayde Van Niekerk from South Africa, over the next few years. He's proving to be quite the athlete and I think we may be seeing him on more and more podiums.

Watch him breeze through 300m to set a new world record…

Race Review: Manchester Marathon 2017

The Manchester marathon was the first real big test of my Comrades training. I deliberately did not train specifically for it as I intended on treating it as a training run for Comrades and a "tester" to see how my training was progressing, but of course with Manchester being a very flat and fast route, there was no way I wasn't going to have a good go at things either. Continue reading →

Month in Review: March 2017

If there's one thing you've learnt from all my training, it's that I'm incredibly consistent, and it would only be appropriate to keep up my consistency with late "month in review" posts with March's being delivered half way through May 🎉. Thank goodness I'm not a paid blogger as I'd find myself unemployed PDQ!! On the topic… anyone notice a change around here a few weeks ago? Nope, good. You're an adblocker like me. If you did, or are just curious, I no longer show adverts on any of my sites. I wasn't making any money off them and was blocking them from my own views so decided to ditch them. Enjoy the new ad-free experience. Continue reading →

Golden Gate Bridge And The Marin Headlands

I've finally done it. I've finally taken advantage of the opportunity to run across the Golden Gate bridge and head up into the Marin Headlands, and it was fantastic!!! Continue reading →

Month in Review: February 2017

Look at this, February's review only a week after January's and only two months late 😁. So what happened in February? Well lots more running, and I mean a lot more, oh and a great race with a new PB. Continue reading →

Month in Review: January 2017

I told you I was becoming a bit shoddy with my week in review posts in my very last week in review post of last year and look at this… January's monthly review at the end of March 😁. I'll get better at this, promise. Continue reading →

2016 in Summary

Hey look at this, a summary of my 2016 year of training and racing, and it's only nearly two months late 😁. Continue reading →

My Biggest Training Month Ever: 619km

619km in January 2017

Check it out folks, I've just closed off my biggest training month ever at a whopping 619km and I feel great.

It's also a 30 day streak. Nothing on what Ron Hill amounted, but I'm pretty chuffed with it.

The Longest Running Streak Ever Ended on Saturday

The longest recorded running streak in history ended Saturday when England's Ron Hill completed a one-mile run. The 78-year-old former Olympian did not run Sunday for the first time in 52 years and 39 days — a streak that dates back to Dec. 21, 1964, five days before the Beatles topped the Billboard charts with the single “I Feel Fine.”

In a statement released by Streak Runners International, Hill, who suffers from an undiagnosed heart problem, said that after less than 400 meters Saturday, “my heart started to hurt and over the last 800 meters, the problem got worse and worse. I thought I might die but just made it to one mile in 16 minutes and 34 seconds. There was no other option but to stop. I owed that to my wife, family and friends, plus myself.”
The longest running streak ever ended Saturday at 19,032 days - The Washington Post

Continue reading →

My First 100 Mile Week

This morning's run closed off my biggest week ever and took me into my first ever 100 mile week.

My First 100 Mile Week - 23 - 29 Jan '16'

I've heard good things comes to those that run 100 mile weeks, so lets hope they show up at my door sometime soon 😉.

Break Free, Unofficially

I've finally caught up with some of my backlog of "stuff I must watch" and have just watched this fan-made Adidas advert…

This is a great advert and it's a pity Adidas fobbed the maker off without much consideration. I picture myself trying to break free in forty year's time.


Luna Sandal Strap Malfunction

I suffered a sandal malfunction 8k's into this morning's run and I had to run the last 2k's home barefoot- how terrible, I know 😉. Continue reading →

Week in Review: 26 Dec - 1 Jan '17

Week in Review: 26 Dec - 1 Jan '17 Continue reading →

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