Terra Plana are Hosting Barefoot Experience Workshops

I know this is a bit short notice, but I've been a tad on the excessively busy side of things are work and really haven't wanted to touch a computer when I got home.

If you're interested in taking the plunge into barefoot running, but want to be sure you're doing it right or with a bit of guidance, why not take advantage of the Barefoot Experience Workshops Terra Plana are hosting next week...

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I'm Back Online (6 Comments)

Well folks, I'm back online and trying to get back into the groove again. I technically wasn't completely offline, just lacking the motivation to write or get involved due to recent events on the home front. Sadly, February has been a very tough month for my wife and I: our baby daughter, Lara, unfortunately didn't make it through the open heart surgery she had to undergo in order to rectify two congenital heart defects. I'm not going to go into the details here but if you're interested, I will be posting a series of posts, building up to my daughter's funeral on 12 March, on my main site. Suffice to say we were devastated and completely knocked for six by this, even though we'd known about the heart condition before she was born. The loss of a child is something you really can't prepare yourself for no matter how much forewarning you received.

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Review: VivoBarefoot Aqua By Terra Plana (4 Comments)

VivoBarefoot AquaIn my quest to go completely barefoot, or as near as possible in as many environments as possible, I've had my eye on replacing all my chunky shoes with more minimalist shoes. I've had my eyes on a couple of brands, including the VivoBarefoot range from Terra Plana, but haven't really seen any in person to get an idea of what they're like. I also wasn't too keen on blindly shelling out for a pair of shoes I'd seen on the internet, have them imported from the US only to find they're hideous in person.

Well, luck was on my side as I was approached by a kind lady on behalf of Terra Plana and given the opportunity try a pair of shoes from their VivoBarefoot range. After much umming and ahhing - "Do I go for the casual looking Aquas for everyday use, or the more formal looking Dharmas for work use?" - I opted for the Aquas, in white (other colours are available), and placed my order.

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New VVF Alternative Coming From Terra Plana (3 Comments)

Check out what's been spotted on the interweb...

New Terra Plana minimalist shoes

A new pair of minimalist shoes to compete with Vibram Five Fingers. Unfortunately, you can't see much from the pictures but they look to be quite low profile with traditional lacing. One thing is for sure, the sole looks pretty cool.

Apparently these are due out in February (probably only in the US) with a remote possibility of a pre-Christmas release.

On the topic of Terra Plana shoes - has anyone had any experience with the Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot shoes? I'm seriously considering getting a pair of these as an "everyday" pair of shoes to replace my Merrills or possible a more formal looking pair to wear for work.