2013 in Summary

I'm only a month and a half late with this, but as they say, "better late than never" :-)

So how was 2013 for me in terms of running? Absolutely bloody brilliant in the end.


I started the year off a little slowly. The weather wasn't very good and I wasn't particularly motivated after working the Christmas period having gotten back from visiting family in South Africa. What training I was doing was mostly the MAF approach with one session of Yasso 800s a week thrown in... the idea was to try and get a bit more speed in my legs in preparation for my first marathon in nearly 10 years. This served me well, or so I thought. Blowing up spectacularly in the Milton Keynes marathon proved there was no way I was going to get under three hours on MAF alone... I needed more tough workouts that would teach me to run quicker and longer on tired legs. So I did a bit of research and discovered the Hanson Marathon Method

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2010 in Summary

Diing doong diing dooong... diing doong diing dooong.. yes folks, Big Ben is starting to chime out 2010 and chime in 2011 so it's time for my annual summary of the year gone by.

This year started off with a bang with 9 inches of snow and then birth of my daughter. Sadly, this delight was soon turned to immense sadness as my little girl was born with a heart defect and sadly didn't make it through surgery. It was during the tough time of waiting for my daughter to grow big enough for surgery that I switched to predominantly running completely barefoot and I haven't looked back. I still go out for the occasional run in shoes of sorts, but most of my runs are now barefoot.

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