Woohoo!! My Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 "Good for Age" entry has been accepted. Providing everything goes to plan, I WILL be running the VLM next year.

Pro & con of bib cycling shorts... Pro: incredibly comfy. Con: getting undressed for a tinkle

First run of 2014... Done!!

Opted for @readingparkrun in the end - 2 muddy laps are always better than 3 dry with soccer moms and kiddies getting under your feet.

Undecided. Do I do 2 muddy laps @readingparkrun or 3 drier laps @woodleyparkrun? Will sleep on it. Would love to be @deltaparkrun tho.

I know it's still in beta, but the Strava "My Routes" is frustratingly useless. I think it's trying to be too clever for its own good.

This is the big day I've been training for: the Abingdon Marathon. It has just tipped it down, so let's hope that's it until I'm done.

Today's podium finish deserved a well earned treat for the winter: an @ashmei ultimate softshell running jacket.