Woohoo!! My Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 "Good for Age" entry has been accepted. Providing everything goes to plan, I WILL be running the VLM next year.

Race Report: Abingdon Marathon 2013 (2 Comments)

Earlier this year I took my first stab at a sub-3 hour marathon at the Milton Keynes marathon and completely misjudged things and in retrospect probably my abilities at the time, and completely blew it. On Sunday I took another stab at that elusive sub-3 marathon mark in my third ever marathon, the Abingdon Marathon, and smashed it out of the ballpark.

Following my disappointing run at the Milton Keynes marathon I decided I was going to create a properly structured training programme that would guide me to a great marathon time. After a little bit of research and reading I stumbled upon Marathoning The Hansons' Way. Intrigued by this approach and the relative simplicity (compared to The Daniels Runner Formula), I purchased their book - Hansons Marathon Method - in Kindle format, read it, and devised my four month training programme. This ended up being a great programme which I'll cover that in another post.

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This is the big day I've been training for: the Abingdon Marathon. It has just tipped it down, so let's hope that's it until I'm done.

Well folks, today just wasn't my day. Didn't get even close to sub-3 hours, let alone the 2:55 I had in mind. I was well on target until just before half-way when my right knee said "Sorry boyks, no 2:55 for you today". Then with about 5km to go my calves very loudly told me "You can write off the sub-3:15 too". In the end I hobbled round the stadium (it was quite embarrassing) and across the line in 124th place and a disappointing 3:22:50. So it looks like no London 2014 for me. All is not bad though, it's a PB by a whopping 49 minutes.

Update: 3:22:50 is my gun time. Chip time and ergo new PB is 3:22:40. Those 10 seconds count ;-)

Oh look at that, the sun is shining. Think I'll pop out for a marathon.

Can I Really Run a 2:46 Marathon? (4 Comments)

So I'm just short of two weeks from my first marathon in over 14 years and I'm wondering how fast I can and should run it.

I've only ever run one marathon, the one I needed to do one to gain entry into Two Oceans marathon, and it was a terrible performance in which I got caught up with the half marathon runners that started at the same time and I crashed and burned just past half way. I finished, but not in a time worthy of screaming from the rooftops... 4:11 which is terrible when you consider my beautifully paced Two Oceans (56km) time of 4:48.

Since then, I've not raced anything further than 32km since, so I really don't have any recent marathon efforts to go on and thus I have to base my predictions on my performances over shorter distances.

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Woohoo!!! My postal entry into the Abingdon Marathon on 20 Oct 2013 has been accepted. I am now running one of the fastest marathons in the UK. I'm very chuffed as this is a very popular marathon and the online entry has already closed. I can now do all four of the races for the Berkshire Champs. I don't expect to win the Berkshire Champs, but running all four races will certainly see me fair quite well.