So I've gone out and bought The 4-Hour Body book, not because I believe I'll be able to become an Adonis with a quick fix, but because I like to read up on interesting and different methods of achieving certain goals in the world of fitness and exercise.

I've not finished reading the book, but so far I'm quite impressed with the little bits I have read. Some of it I will have to take with a pinch of salt, but after today's little experiment, I'll certainly be trying out a few of the ideas in this book.

As has become habit as part of my current training programme, I swim on Tuesdays - I'm paying for a gym membership with a pool, so I'm going to blooming well use it. Prior to today, my sessions comprised of 80 lengths of 25 meters broken up into sets of 10 lengths alternating crawl and breaststroke.

The alternation was required because my crawl has never been my strong point and I was finding completing 10 lengths pretty tiring and hard. I'm well trained in breaststroke as it was my primary stroke when I competed at school so it's a breeze in comparison.

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