Popped out for a quick run at lunch: the Microsoft TVP 5k Fun Run… and won (go Oracle!) in 18:07. Nice little pootle round TVP in the cold & wet made much nicer by getting a winner's kiss from my wife.

Back in the Sub-18min 5k Club (2 Comments)

I don't know what it is, maybe it's the training, maybe it's the low-carb diet, maybe it's the water or even the air but whatever it is it's doing wonders for my running and it's getting better and better as the year progresses. The past few days I've felt significantly lighter and quicker on my feet and it carried through to this morning's parkrun. Today I smashed my previous parkrun PB of 18:08

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Delta Park Parkrun: My First African Parkrun

Over the Christmas holidays, I was compelled (a visit was due anyway) to return to sunny South Africa for the first time in five years - my first Christmas back in SA in 7 years - by my cousin's desire to marry a gun-toting children's pastor (lovely chap).

As part of my holiday back home, I decided I'd venture out to see what South Africa's first and only (at the moment) parkrun was like. It'd been a very very very long time since I last ran in South Africa, let alone raced, and from the one other run I'd had in Jo'burg during my hols, a gentle 10k, I knew it would be a toughie.

So nice and early on Christmas eve, I bundled my wife into the car and we headed down to Delta Park for a quick spin round the park (me - my wife doesn't run). We got there with about half an hour to spare so I could warm up and introduce myself to the organiser - the one and only, Bruce Fordyce

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