Wokingham Half Done & Dusted

I'm home, dry and warm and on my second beer. Great run today, though very much on the wetter and colder side of things for my liking. Had things been dry and had it not been the start of the season, this is definitely a PB course. Maybe next year.

Got a bloody great big blister on one of my toes as a reward for my 2nd faster half-marathon. Vibrams at speed in the wet result in some beautiful blisters.

Preliminary results give me a chip time to 1:22:24 and I finished in 133rd position.

Oh yes, and I entered the Berkshire Champs for 2013, just to see how I do. 1 done, 3 more to go, assuming I actually get into the Abingdon Marathon. Not holding my breath as that is a popular fast race.

My race no for tomorrow's Wokingham Half is 25. Either I entered really early or the organisers think I'm quicker than I think I am.

Race Report: Maidenhead Half-Marathon 2012

On 16 September I ran my second half-marathon of the year: the Maidenhead Half-Marathon and whilst not my first choice of the type of race I like to do, it turned out pretty well.

Given the improvements I've seen in my 5k, 5 mile and 10k times, I wanted to do a nice flat half-marathon so I could see how I'd improved on my half-marathon time in the months since I ran the Reading half-marathon on 1 April

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Should I be Running a 10k PB In a Half-Marathon?

Yesterday I ran the Oxford Half-marathon and set a new all-time personal best (PB) for the half-marathon (more details coming in a later post) and I was just in the process of reviewing my watch data when I noticed the following:

10k PB in a Half-marathon

I went through the 10k mark 1 second ahead of my all-time 10k PB time

That folks is an all time PB for 10km for me, by one second, and it has occurred in the middle of a half-marathon. Now I admit I started yesterday's run a little fast, but I don't think I did it that fast. I guess I did.

It certainly means a sub-37 min 10km race is definitely on the cards next year. Who knows, maybe I can dip below 36 mins. Now that would be amazing.

Race Report: Reading Half Marathon 2012 (2 Comments)

Sunday saw me take part in my first half marathon in over 13 years, the Reading Half Marathon, and what a brilliant race it was.

As you may have read back in November, I took the plunge and entered the Reading Half Marathon and continued with the MAF training principals exclusively with the idea I'd going into my race with at least a great aerobic base and possibly missing some speed. This was a bit of a gamble as I'd never heard anyone train like this before and had certainly never taken this approach myself. Seeing as I hadn't done a half marathon in a while, I thought "What the heck. It'll be an interesting experiment. Worst case scenario, I blow it. Best case, I finish the race strong and get the sub-90 minute finish time I'd be aiming for".

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I'm Running the 2012 Reading Half-Marathon (1 Comment)

Reading Half Marathon 2012 LogoMy running this year has gone really well and my current long-slow training is proving to be very enjoyable and I'm seeing results already. I've not run any races, but I can see the positive effects as I cover more distance in the same amount of time at lower heart rates - I'm currently doing lots of long slow runs using a bastardized version of the training ideas in this HADD Article which I discovered when investigating the merits of MAF training

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