Speed Golf: I Might Need To Learn To Play Golf Now (2 Comments)

To me, golf is that activity that ruins a nice walk. Come to think of it, if I'm going to be walking on those lovely grassy fairways, I'd rather be running on them, barefoot.

Well, imagine my surprise when I discovered speed golf. It's golf in which the objective is to finish as quickly as possible with the fewest number of strokes. Each round takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half instead of who knows how long. You could probably cover 3-4 rounds of speed golf and get in a good long interval/fartlek session in the time it takes to do one round of normal golf. Best thing of all, it's mostly on lovely plush grass so you could do it entirely barefoot too.

I might have a reason to learn to play golf now. Anyone up for a few rounds of barefoot speed golf on a fresh spring morning?

I know it's still in beta, but the Strava "My Routes" is frustratingly useless. I think it's trying to be too clever for its own good.

Glad I left it a little too late to go for my run: it's just started chucking it down outside. Will wait for it to pass.

Race Report: Abingdon Marathon 2013 (2 Comments)

Earlier this year I took my first stab at a sub-3 hour marathon at the Milton Keynes marathon and completely misjudged things and in retrospect probably my abilities at the time, and completely blew it. On Sunday I took another stab at that elusive sub-3 marathon mark in my third ever marathon, the Abingdon Marathon, and smashed it out of the ballpark.

Following my disappointing run at the Milton Keynes marathon I decided I was going to create a properly structured training programme that would guide me to a great marathon time. After a little bit of research and reading I stumbled upon Marathoning The Hansons' Way. Intrigued by this approach and the relative simplicity (compared to The Daniels Runner Formula), I purchased their book - Hansons Marathon Method - in Kindle format, read it, and devised my four month training programme. This ended up being a great programme which I'll cover that in another post.

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This is the big day I've been training for: the Abingdon Marathon. It has just tipped it down, so let's hope that's it until I'm done.

First Road Race Podium Finish (2 Comments)

I ran the Reading O2O 10K on Sunday morning and bagged my first ever podium finish...

First Road Race Podium Finish | Smashed my previous PB by 1:05 in the process.

Smashed my previous PB by 1:05 in the process.

I'd completely forgotten about this race until I noticed one of the signs on Friday morning whilst out on my run. Once back in the office, I checked if I could enter on the day - I could - and the previous year's results and I thought I'd have a chance at a podium finish so decided I'd do it.

Sunday morning I popped down to TVP, registered and entered the race. As is common with races people shoot off from the start and a group of about 8 guys headed off ahead of me. I wasn't too worried and played things safe and ran at my own pace. I was soon up in 5th place and then started reeling in the guys ahead of me. I was in 4th by 6km with the third place guy in my sights: first and second were long gone and out of sight.

I then closed the gap on the third place guy and was hot on his heels by the 8km mark. At this point he seemed to slow down, so I slowed a little too as I wasn't sure if he was going to try and burn me at the end. I soon determined his legs were shot and there was no way he was going to keep up with me, so I took him and pulled a comfortable gap with about 1km to go. It was at this point I noticed that the 2nd place chap wasn't actually that far ahead of me. I think with a bit of effort I could have caught him had I seen him sooner :-)

I finished strongly and in a time of 35:20 gun time and 35:18 chip time shaving 1:05 off my previous PB. Chuffed to bits about getting both a podium finish (got a trophy but no cash :-( ) and a huge new PB. In retrospect, I think I might have been able to break 35mins had I not been scared of being challenged by the guy who eventually came forth.

Next up: Abingdon Marathon in which I'm aiming for a sub-3.

Today's podium finish deserved a well earned treat for the winter: an @ashmei ultimate softshell running jacket.

I got to play rabbit today at Reading #parkrun. Led from about 800m and ticked off my 3rd parkrun first & a new PB. 17:08 by my watch.

Update: Official time ended up being 17:10, still a PB :-)