VLM 2015 - You're In

Look what the postie just bunged through my letterbox:

VLM 2015 You're In

I have to admit that I was expecting this as I already knew my Good For Age entry had been accepted, but it's still exciting to see this magazine and not this one.

I've got a sudden urge to go out for a run now :grinning:

Race the London Underground

Fancy a new and interesting speed session? How about racing the London Underground?

I reckon you could do this with several stations in London, though I wouldn't want to try it with the Leicester Square to Covent Garden stops purely for the number of steps you'd have to climb.

Time for a New Look

Well folks, I decided it was time for a new look here, so :tada: tadaaaa!!! :tada: What do you think?

Nice hey? Not only is it a new look, it's a new backend too. I've switched this site from Habari to Jekyll hosted on GitHub Pages - I work for GitHub so I may as well start using their stuff :smile: my own server now as I forgot I can't use HTTPS on GitHub Pages yet.

Things aren't quite 100% as I'd like them, but I thought I'd dive in the deepend and just do it and fix up the mess as and when I notice it.

Automatically Sync Workouts from Garmin Connect to Strava

Automatically Sync Workouts from Garmin Connect to Strava

Woohoo!! You can now automatically sync your uploads from Garmin Connect to Strava. I can't find Strava's announcement but I have found they've started documenting this is available here. This is a huge time saver for me, though it does come at the expense that I've had to flip to the new modern Garmin Connect interface and install Garmin Express at the expense of the Garmin ANT Agent. Whilst I like the new interface, I've been reluctant to switch due to reports of unavailability and the fact I'd have to install Garmin Express to upload my runs, which at the time, meant getting into the manual PITA upload process for all the sites I store my runs on.

I took the plunge on Monday and so far so good though now I need to find a solution for uploading to FetchEveryone. I'm thinking there's probably a way to make the Garmin Communicator plugin detect the workouts from Garmin Express, but we'll see.

Check out DC Rainmaker's walk-through for the incredibly simple steps to enable the automatic sync for yourself.

Running in Whistler is Freaking Amazing

I'm in Whistler this week for a work do and have just got back from my first run on the trails. Oh my word!!! Whistler is freaking amazing and incredibly beautiful in the summer with some pretty fantastic trails and awesome views.

Lost Lake in the morning

I had no plans in mind for this morning's run other than to loop round Lost Lake (I found it ⇧ :-D) and then see where my feet took me. They took me all over the show. Over easy trails, hard trails, rocky trails and smooth trails. The big main "road" trails are nice and easy going though a little boring. The cross-country ski routes are great smooth fast paths that meander through the trees and the hard-core MTB trails are particularly challenging and the most fun.

I'm really looking forward to getting out there again, though I think it'll only be in the mornings as it's topping 30°C every day this week with bonus humidity too.

Oh yes, and my Luna Sandals are brilliant across all trails.

The Hardest 400m You'll Ever Run

I regularly have dreams where I'm running and find it so hard to run that I lean so far forward that I'm almost running on all fours, and it's still tough to run. Well imagine my surprise when I discovered I've probably been mentally training for what is probably the toughest 400m race in the world, let alone Europe... the Red Bull 400 in Planica, Slovenia.

How's this for a brutal 400m race...

200m of elevation in just 400m. Think I'll add this to my bucket list given I've had so much practice in my dreams.

· Woohoo!! My Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 "Good for Age" entry has been accepted. Providing everything goes to plan, I WILL be running the VLM next year.

· Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 good for age applications have opened today. If you're a speedster, get your application in now. I have.

Meet Steve Way - England’s unlikeliest athlete for the Commonwealth Games

Seven years ago Steve Way weighed 16 1/2 stone and had high-blood pressure, a 20-a-day habit and an addiction to takeaways and chocolate. So, like many other people, he began running to get fit. Only he didn’t stop. And 26,000 miles later – more than the circumference of the globe – and at the grand age of 40, he has been selected to run the marathon for England at next month’s Commonwealth Games.
Meet Steve Way - England’s unlikeliest athlete for the Commonwealth Games | Sport | The Observer

This is an incredible sofa-to-world-class-athlete story we all dream of.

· Pro & con of bib cycling shorts... Pro: incredibly comfy. Con: getting undressed for a tinkle

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