Running in Whistler is Freaking Amazing

I'm in Whistler this week for a work do and have just got back from my first run on the trails. Oh my word!!! Whistler is freaking amazing and incredibly beautiful in the summer with some pretty fantastic trails and awesome views.


Lost Lake in the morning

I had no plans in mind for this morning's run other than to loop round Lost Lake (I found it ⇧ :-D ) and then see where my feet took me. They took me all over the show. Over easy trails, hard trails, rocky trails and smooth trails. The big main "road" trails are nice and easy going though a little boring. The cross-country ski routes are great smooth fast paths that meander through the trees and the hard-core MTB trails are particularly challenging and the most fun.

I'm really looking forward to getting out there again, though I think it'll only be in the mornings as it's topping 30°C every day this week with bonus humidity too.

Oh yes, and my Luna Sandals are brilliant across all trails.

The Hardest 400m You'll Ever Run

I regularly have dreams where I'm running and find it so hard to run that I lean so far forward that I'm almost running on all fours, and it's still tough to run. Well imagine my surprise when I discovered I've probably been mentally training for what is probably the toughest 400m race in the world, let alone Europe... the Red Bull 400 in Planica, Slovenia.

How's this for a brutal 400m race...

200m of elevation in just 400m. Think I'll add this to my bucket list given I've had so much practice in my dreams.

Woohoo!! My Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 "Good for Age" entry has been accepted. Providing everything goes to plan, I WILL be running the VLM next year.

Pro & con of bib cycling shorts... Pro: incredibly comfy. Con: getting undressed for a tinkle

Shamma Sandals Have Arrived

Look what the postie dropped off today...

Shamma Sandals

Two pairs of Shamma Sandals, my next foray into huaraches. I think the leather topped ones, called Warriors, look particularly swish too.

I'm taking a break from running this week to try and help the stress fracture in my right fibula heal properly but I hope to get out in these next week and give them a good thorough testing.

Human Loop-the-Loop

You've seen men in cars, on bicycles and on motorbikes do it, but how about a man using only his own two legs doing the loop-the-loop? It can and has now been done. Check it out...

Fran Nearly Killed Me

thrusterSo I'm not really running at the moment. Whilst in San Francisco in the last week of January I woke up one morning with a slightly tender right ankle. Being the silly arse that I am, I went for a run in the glorious sunshine. A gentle 2km warm up seemed to loosen things up and I broke into my planned 800m intervals with 600m recovery along the Embarcadero. This was a great workout, except for the recovery runs... my right ankle really wasn't too happy with those.

Well, to cut a long story short, I've not really gone much further than about 5km since as my right ankle keeps flaring up. I suspect it's peroneal tendonitis but I've not gone to the doctors yet. I'll give it a few more weeks before seeking expert advice.

Anyway, in order to stop myself becoming a great big fat lazy oaf and to try and keep some sort of semblance of fitness (and sanity) in the slight hope I might actually get to run enough to actually finish the Shakespeare Marathon at the end of April I've been cycling, swimming and going to the gym with the gym part being the most boring.

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